Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 20 - Advent Weekday

First-time moms and dads are often excited and apprehensive at the same time. They may worry: "Am I up to the job? How will I juggle work and family? Will my baby be okay? How is my life going to change? Can we afford this?"

Consider how Mary may have felt at the Annunciation. It was an angel- not a nurse- who told her that she’d be a mom. What’s more, she wouldn’t be an ordinary mom- she was going to be a queen mother, as her son was to be a king! To top it off, she wasn’t even married yet, and somehow her child was to be conceived by a "Holy Spirit."

Scripture describes Mary as frightened and confused- and who could blame her? Thankfully, Gabriel understood. He told Mary to put away her fears, and assured her that nothing is impossible for God.

But - aren’t Gabriel’s words meant for us too? Like Mary, we may face situations that fill us with fear, appear impossible, or make no apparent sense, and we wonder how they fit into God’s plan. We may find ourselves asking Mary’s question: "How can this be?"

When we do, Mary invites us to imitate her surrender, entrusting ourselves into the hands of a trustworthy God by saying, "Thy will be done." Even though we may be afraid; even though we may not understand; even though the way ahead looks dark.

To know "The Lord is with thee" was enough for Mary. And it can be enough for us too.

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