Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ordinary 24 Wednesday

Do you remember the old ad campaign for the EF Hutton, the stock brokerage firm? "When EF Hutton talks, people listen." There’s a similar campaign today for another financial services company that shows people stopping in their tracks to eavesdrop on a financial advisor speaking to a client.

These ads remind us that lots of people want to hear about how they can make more money. But are people as eager to hear the word of God? They weren’t in Jesus’ day. In today’s gospel, our Lord challenged those who made endless excuses in order to reject God’s messengers and hear God’s Word. But in a sense, don’t we all do the same thing? None of us really listens to God’s Word as we should.

What’s our excuse? God’s Word doesn’t seem reasonable or relevant? It’s too hard to accept? It’s too difficult to understand? We’re too busy to listen? We’re too indifferent to care? We think we’ve heard it all before? We don’t care for the messengers? We’ve twisted it with bizarre interpretations? We’re daydreaming about lunch during Mass? We’ve allowed other voices to drown out God’s?

Whatever our excuse, Jesus challenges us to wake up and truly pay attention to the life giving power of his Word, which is both timeless and true. Let the world listen to EF Hutton. As for us, let us listen to the Lord.

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