Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ordinary 22 Wednesday

Just moments ago, Jesus spoke to us through the Holy Scriptures. In a few minutes, we will receive Jesus in Holy Communion. And when we leave here today, Jesus wants us to take him home.

Simon Peter did this in today’s gospel. Like us, he encountered Jesus in word and worship, at the synagogue. And afterwards, Peter took Jesus to his home, where a family member in need of a healing only Jesus could provide.

In our own families, we too may find a need for Jesus’ healing touch- healing of brokenness, jealousy, resentments, old wounds, rivalries, physical sickness, mental illness, addictions.

Like Peter, we need to bring Jesus home. Yes, sometimes Jesus does arrive unannounced! But more often than not, Jesus waits for an invitation- and an escort.

We can bring Jesus home in so many ways. Maybe we need to share our faith by sharing our story. Maybe we need to lend a helping hand. Maybe we need to confront one who is hurting others, or hurting themselves. Maybe we need to say "I’m sorry" and "I forgive you." Maybe we need to say "I love you." Maybe we just need to stop being a stranger, and pick up the phone.

There are any number of ways Jesus can bring healing into our homes. But we can’t just wait for him to appear. Because the truth is, it might be Jesus who is waiting for us!

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