Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lent 4 Thursday

One evening, Stephanie my wife prayed about whether she should return to work. The next morning, a perfect job practically fell into her lap. To us, this was an obvious sign from God. Yet that night, as we adjusted our budget to reflect Stephanie’s new income, we started to worry about money. God had just answered our prayer and shown his care for us. But still we didn’t "get it;" still we didn’t trust.

Sadly, that’s all too common, as reflected in today’s gospel, in which we encounter those who refused to believe in Jesus, even though they were surrounded by evidence that he was the one sent by the Father. In spite of everything, they just didn’t "get it." God had done so many good things for them. But still they doubted him, rejected him, and forgot about him.

Sometimes we’re guilty of the same things. When times are hard, we can doubt God’s love and care for us. And when times are good, we can forget about God altogether, and replace him with the idols of success, beauty, security, and wealth. We do this even after God has done so many good things for us. Things that should make us "get it," and call forth our obedience, our trust, and most of all, our love.

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