Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

How much is one human life worth? Is it the combined value of the chemicals and minerals in our body? If so, than the typical human life is worth less than one dollar. Or perhaps it one’s possessions that determine a life’s worth. But if that’s the case, then someone like Mother Teresa’s life was almost worthless.

            What our lives are worth to God shines through clearly in today’s Passion gospel.

God considers us so valuable that his only Son surrendered his own life, so that we might live forever. If God thought that we were cheap, expendable, or dime-a-dozen, he wouldn’t have bothered. But through the suffering and death of Jesus, we know how much we’re valued by God.

Can we put a dollar amount on our value to God? If we tried, we’d have to put a price on Jesus’ life, since he gave his life for ours. Judas Iscariot received 30 silver pieces for Jesus’ life. But that was an intentional insult, as it represented the fine for injuring a slave. Nicodemus anointed Jesus’ dead body with over a hundred pounds of costly spices, an extravagant amount fit only for a king. Yet even this comes nowhere near to representing the true value of Jesus’ life. It’s better to conclude that Jesus’ life was priceless. And if Jesus’ life is priceless, then the same might be said of ours.

The cross shows us, more than anything else, how much we’re cherished and loved by God. We may not be able to place a dollar value on our lives. But thanks to the cross, you and I know exactly what our lives are worth.

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