Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wednesday after Epiphany

Have you ever ignored someone or given them the cold shoulder? Did you say, "Go away, I’m busy," or "Don’t bother me now," or "Not now, maybe later?" Did you look the other way, pretend not to hear, or race about so the other person couldn’t catch up with you? We act in these ways when we think we’re too busy, or when we’re just too wrapped up in our own plans and agendas.

As Christians, however, sometimes we need to put our plans aside, and put other people first. Consider Jesus in today’s gospel. He must have had a great deal on his mind that day. The religious authorities were hostile to him, the government was suspicious of him, and his clueless disciples completely misunderstood him. Jesus needed some time to sort things out, so he sent the disciples ahead of him in a boat while he climbed a mountain to pray.

When he finished and began to cross the water himself, he planned to pass his friends by. Maybe he wanted more time to think and pray. But then his friends saw him, thought he was a ghost, and screamed out in terror. Jesus loved his friends too much to ignore their cry. So he put aside his own agenda and came to them, calming the waves and calming their fears.

"Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another." So today’s first reading tells us. And, as Jesus himself has shown us, love sometimes requires that we change our plans to meet the needs of others, and not be consumed by our own.

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