Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ordinary 1 Wednesday

Have you even known someone who recovered from a life-threatening illness? Perhaps someone who beat cancer or who survived a serious heart attack. Often times, their experience of having been healed changes their entire perspective on life. They live more simply and gratefully. They have a different appreciation for what’s really important. And they have a greater concern for the welfare of others. They want to “give something back.” They want to serve.

We see this in today’s gospel. Jesus cured Simon’s mother-in-law of a serious illness, and her response was to become a servant. We’re told specifically that she rose from her bed, and waited on Jesus and his friends.

Simon’s mother-in law is a model for us. Not all of us have received a gift of God’s healing as she did. However, all of us have received gifts from God- more than we often imagine or appreciate. Indeed, we will receive a great gift from God just moments from now- the gift of Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist. In response, we too need to be servants. Just as Simon’s mother-in-law served Jesus, his friends, and her family, so we too can serve the needs of our families, the Church, and Jesus himself, especially in the faces of the poor. The Closing Prayer from today’s Mass puts it well: “Almighty God…grant that those you renew with your sacraments, may also serve with lives pleasing to you.”


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