Friday, January 18, 2013

Ordinary 1 Friday

If we were to meet Jesus face-to-face today, what would we want him to say to us? "Well done, good and faithful servant?" "I love you?" "Everything’s going to be okay?" "I want to spend eternity with you?"

I imagine that many of us would want to hear Jesus say: "I forgive you." We long to hear these words, not just because we’re broken and sinful people, but because sometimes we can wonder whether Jesus really forgives us or not. We know what a struggle it can be to forgive other people, and sometimes we find it difficult to forgive even ourselves. Because of this, we can conclude that Jesus probably has a hard time forgiving us as well.

Today’s gospel, however, assures us otherwise. As we heard, Jesus told a crowd that it’s easy for him to say, "I forgive you." And if you remember, Jesus loved that paralyzed man so much that he forgave him even before the man had a chance to speak.

You see, Jesus knew what that man needed; Jesus knew what was in his heart. And he knows what’s in our hearts too; he knows that we long for his forgiveness. We might say that he’s dying to give it to us. But then again, dying to forgive us, is something he already did…

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