Monday, January 21, 2013

Memorial of Saint Agnes

When my son began his Catholic school’s sex-ed program, I was a little apprehensive, but I was ultimately pleased with the instructor’s primary message: God is about life and love; therefore, sex is about life and love.

That’s a beautiful approach to introducing young people to God’s gift of sexuality, and preparing them for the sexual minefields they’ll have to navigate as teenagers.

One particular minefield today is "sexting"- the sending of explicit pictures and messages through hand-held devices. Not long ago, in a highly publicized tragedy, a girl in Florida committed suicide because of sexting. She was only thirteen years old.

Today we remember another thirteen-year old girl: St. Agnes. Like all teenagers, she had to tread a sexual minefield. Tradition has it that she was very pretty. Many young men made advances to her, but she refused them all. One angry, spurned lover reported her to the Roman authorities for being a Christian. She was tried, forcibly confined to a house of prostitution, and eventually beheaded. Throughout her ordeal, however, she maintained her chastity, with the grace of God.

St. Agnes’ witness can serve to inspire and remind young people, and indeed all of us, that chastity is a virtue. Sex is indeed all about life and love: Just like the God who gave us this precious gift.

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