Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ordinary 31 Wednesday

A few years ago, a radio ad began with some guy exclaiming to his friend that he just bought a new car. "What color is it?" asks the friend. "No idea." "What’s the gas mileage?" "Haven’t a clue." And so on through a number of other questions. The point of the ad is that no reasonable person would buy a car without knowing exactly what they’re getting.

This also seems to be Jesus’ point in today’s gospel. He wasn’t speaking about cars, of course. He was speaking instead about the cost of discipleship.

In effect, Jesus says to us, "If you wish to follow me, you need to look before you leap. You’ll be putting me in the driver’s seat of your life. You’ll need to place my plans ahead of yours. People may reject you- even your own family. There will be real sacrifices to make, and a cross to carry."

Our Lord doesn’t say this to scare us or anyone else off. Instead, Jesus offers his words as something of a reality check, to remind us that we can’t be "half-hearted" about our discipleship. He asks us to surrender all of ourselves to him, just as he surrendered all of himself for us.

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