Monday, November 5, 2012

Ordinary 31 Tuesday

You’ve heard the question: "What if you threw a party but nobody came?" That seems to be the case of the man in Jesus’ story, which is sad enough. But it’s even sadder when we consider that the man represents God the Father, his servant represents Jesus, the dinner party is God’s kingdom, and the invited guests are you and me.

We might ask why someone would choose not to attend God’s banquet. Yet this is a question we need to ask ourselves, because we’re all tempted at times to decline God’s invitation.

  • Sometimes we flat-out refuse it because we simply don’t care enough;

  • Sometimes we’re deaf to God’s call because we’re distracted by our own plans and priorities;

  • Sometimes we’re angry at God because we think that life is treating us badly;

  • Sometimes we’re too lazy to make the changes in our life that Christian discipleship requires;

  • And sometimes we don’t trust God enough to make the leap of faith needed to really enter his kingdom.

Jesus challenges us today to examine our lives, our attitudes, and our priorities to see if we’re honestly embracing God’s invitation to his dinner party. Because it is a party that none of us will want to miss.

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