Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ordinary 30 Tuesday

When you and I think of kings and kingdoms, more often than not what comes to mind are things grand and majestic: palaces, thrones, crown jewels- things like that. In today’s gospel, however, Jesus describes his Father’s kingdom in much humbler term- a mustard seed, a lump of yeast. Humble images for a humble God.

Let’s face it: God’s humility is a concept we can sometimes find difficult to grasp. As Mother Teresa once wrote," We can understand the majesty of Go, (but) it is very difficult to understand the humility of God."

We expect God to be powerful- and he is! As we profess in the creed, "We believe in one God the Father almighty." But we don’t always imagine God being humble, do we? However, it’s very important that we do.

Think of it this way: If we only knew God as all-powerful, would we really be able to believe that he is all-loving? Probably not, because in our experience power dominates, power corrupts, and power creates distances and barriers between one person and another.

That’s why God has to remind us of his humility. We might say that God reveals the depths of his humility, so we might know the depths of his love- a humble love revealed in a manger, at an altar, and upon a cross.

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