Friday, October 5, 2012

Ordinary 26 Friday

On my office desk, I have an old-fashioned "inbox" in which I stack papers I’m working on. Sometimes, when I’m especially busy- which if pretty often these days- important papers which were once at the top of my stack get buried under new stuff which comes in, and they wind up at the bottom of the pile. The sad result is that these important matters can drop off my priority list. There have even been times, I’m ashamed to admit, that I’ve almost forgotten about them altogether!

In a similar way, the same thing can happen to Jesus in the "inbox" of our lives. Jesus typically begins at the top of the pile, because we know of course that serving him should be our top priority. But then our lives get cluttered and busy. Other things are placed in our inbox. Jesus gets dropped down to the bottom of the stack. He falls of our "radar screen." And sometimes he’s forgotten altogether.

Jesus had hard words in today’s gospel for those who had rejected him outright, in spite of the amazing things he had done in their midst. Jesus has done, and continues to do, amazing things for us as well. I doubt that any of us would reject him outright! But we can all too easily let him slip to the bottom of our inbox.

Today, we’re challenged to place Jesus at the top of our inbox once again. Because in spite of whatever else may come our way, he should always be priority number one.

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