Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Memorial of the Guardian Angels

When children are sick or scared, what they often want, more than anything, is to climb into bed with Mom and Dad. They want our love and comfort. And they need our care and protection.

Jesus told us in today’s gospel that we must humble ourselves like little children. With this teaching, he challenges us to recognize that we need God’s care and protection, just like children need that of their parents.

As adults, we can sometimes delude ourselves into thinking that we’re self-reliant and independent beings. And that’s when pride creeps in, and drives a powerful wedge between us and God. With child-like humility, we need to recognize that we’re completely dependednt upon God our Father who, like a good parent, cares for us and protects us with ever-attentive love.

God is assisted in caring for us by his angels, and in a particular way, our guardian angels, whose mission and ministry we remember and celebrate today. Let it be our prayer that they may protect us this day and always.

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